Animatronics for Stage, Television and Film

I Make Wings have been making and developing animatronic wings for aerialists, stage, television and film since 2004 . I Make Wings is the culmination of 2 decades of creating costumes and set for aerialists and physical performers . The business was started by April Pressley; who has had an unhealthy fascination with birds and their wings and flight for too long now . She has stood on top of a biplane, flown over the sea from a crane and hung from many contraptions in a desperate attempt to find out what it"s like to be a bird ....... Now she is able to offer the rest of you the chance to feel what it's like to have a pair of mechanical wings . Though unfortunately she still hasn't managed to design them so you can fly . But then, of course, some of you already can .................. and it's never too late to learn.....
All wings are made to order and come with the following as standard .
  • textile feathers , supports and mechanism sheath.
  • mechanical armature capable of independent movement of each wing .
  • harness
  • rechargeable battery pack (this requires a standard battery charger)
  • wired control switches
All wing sets have the following choices and extras available , these all have a bearing on the price
  • colour and material type
  • wing span ( the largest to date are 3.4 meters across )
  • speed and variable speed control
  • remote control unit
  • flying harnesses
  • flapping gearbox and motors
Ordering and Specifying Wings

Wing sets start at £2500 + vat - price is dependent on material choices and technical specifications .

If you wish to place an order please email info@imakewings.co.uk so we can start to help you specify your wings

As wings are made to order the time from order to delivery is usually between 6 to 8 weeks

Wing Research and development
Our wings are in constant development and we are happy to discuss any requirements for specific projects .
The latest model will have a new advanced shaped armature for more realistic look and folding action , with high speed opening and fully independent flapping motion .

We can supply remote operators for any project and are happy to discuss lease and support for major projects .